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prompt payment discounts

The Prompt Payment Discount Program enables Commonwealth of 质量achusetts departments to save on contracts if payment is made to vendors by certain deadlines, and furthers the Commonwealth’s goal of consistent, timely bill paying.

Contractors benefit from the Prompt Payment Discount Program by getting payments from departments more quickly once they have delivered commodities or rendered services.

The Commonwealth of 质量achusetts and its taxpayers benefit because this program reduces the department’s cost for those products or services.

Analyze Your Department's Progress

Discounts Taken

A report showing Prompt Payment Discounts realized by the Commonwealth.



A report showing discounts that were not realized by the Commonwealth.


Discount Summary for Departments

A report showing, 由部门, a Commonwealth-wide view of discounts taken, partial discounts, and missed discounts.


Program Performance

In Fiscal Year 2023, the Commonwealth saved $15,342,317.62 in spending taking full advantage of Prompt Pay Discount Program terms.

Commonwealth departments could have realized an additional $7,382,772.59 in Fiscal Year 2023 savings to vendors offering prompt payment terms, would have been available had prompt payment been made.

In total, the Commonwealth has saved $167.71 million since Fiscal Year 2007.

Through April of 2024, Commonwealth departments could have saved an additional $667,856.08.




Getting Started with Prompt 支付

Departments negotiating new contracts should take advantage of the MMARS feature of automatically calculating prompt pay discounts. This valuable cost-saving enhancement in MMARS stores the vendor’s discount terms on the encumbrance document, which will copy forward to the payment document and automate the calculation and payment process.

Resources for Departments Seeking to Use Prompt Payment Discounts

Prompt Payment Discounts Policy

The policy regards the use of discount in MMARS to maximize the savings and applies to all procurements and payments made by the Commonwealth and to all relevant MMARS policies.

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Active Master Agreements Offering Discounts

Refer to this spreadsheet for a list of active Statewide Master Agreements and vendors that offer Prompt Payment Discount terms


Prompt Payment Discounts Form

This form can be used as part of a Standard Contract Form when negotiating with a contractor